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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


i've become a bit obsessed with this wikipedia thing. i'm not going to tell you what i used to think as i suspect that would be revisionist. what i'm surprised about is the number of people who say that they joined the exercise and later realised it was crap since they appear to be rather bright.

the whole idea that you get people who know nothing about a subject to help write a dictionary article about said subject is bizarre.

what is even more bizarre is that these people have equal weight as domain experts, possibly even more.

what is the ultimate in bizarrity is that entries remain completely editable so that they can be rewritten at any time. some sort of web 2.0 perpetual beta is seems.

what isn't bizarre, but is just plain wrong is that the folk at this place seem to think that the entries will somehow asymptotically become definitive as opposed to just decomposing into nonsense. has nobody observed the net and unmoderated newsgroups? does nobody know about teenagers (or their online equivalent - twentysomethings[73])?

[73] meaningless footnote for slashdotters


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